2021 Honda U-Be follows the U-Go in China market


Following the launch of the 2021 Honda U-Go in the China market through its subsidiary Wuyang-Honda, another electric scooter (e-scooter) is added to the range, the 2021 Honda U-Be. Like the U-Go, the U-Be designed for personal urban mobility, although its designation on the Wuyang-Honda website is as an “electric bicycle” which means it is an electric moped with the electric motor assisting pedal power.

There are three models in the range differing by battery capacity. All coming with a lithium-ion battery, the U-Be 48 V/15 Ah model is provisionally priced at 3,099 yuan (RM2,024), while the 20 Ah and 24 Ah battery capacity models are priced at 3,450 yuan (RM2,253) and 3,750 yuan (RM2,449), respectively.

Sharing styling with the U-Go, the U-Be is built as a single seater, making this very personal transport, and the battery pack sits under the seat. Drive is from a hub-mounted motor and being classed as an electric bicycle means top speed for the U-Be is likely to be governed to 25 km/h or thereabouts.

However, from the aspect of appearance, the U-Be looks to be more scooter than bicycle, with LED lighting and integrated turn signals, along with an LCD instrument panel. Even the seat is thickly padded and quilt-stitched, like a unit found on a motorcycle or scooter but unlike usual electric bicycles, the pedals fold into the body when proceeding under electric power.

Taking cues from the most popular motorcycle in the world, the Honda Cub, the U-Be shares a similar handlebar-seat-foot relationship, meant for an upright seating position. Seat height is set at a very rider friendly 740 mm and the 300 mm long floorboard allows for transport of bulky items.

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