Full vehicle capacity allowed for fully vaccinated, no more 10 km limit in Phase 1 NRP states in Malaysia


The government has released the latest set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for states under Phase 1 of the national recovery plan (NRP), which comes following an announcement made on Thursday (August 19) by caretaker prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

As you are probably aware by now, fully vaccinated individuals will have a little more freedom than before, including being allowed to dine in at public eateries, restaurants/cafes and clubhouse premises. Other measures and conveniences include the resumption of outdoor sports, leisure, recreational and motorsports activities, while night markets and weekend markets will be allowed to operate again.

With regards to movement control rules, which were not detailed in the earlier announcement, there is a notable change from the previous set of SOPs. From today (August 20) onwards, the number of occupants permitted per vehicle is now up to the seating capacity of the vehicle, provided they are all fully vaccinated.

That last bit is important, as those who have yet to complete their vaccination doses must follow the two-to-a-car rule as before. An allowance will still be given for a maximum of three people to travel in one vehicle to seek medical care or emergency medical services, including the person requiring medical attention. It’s also unchanged for taxis and ride-hailing services, with the number of people allowed in a car remaining at two, including the driver, and the passenger must sit in the rear.

Curiously, the new SOPs no longer include the 10 km radius limit for travel, but you will still be unable to cross between districts and states. However, exceptions will be given to those who have obtained permission from the relevant authorities, including if you’re visiting your spouse or children who are in another district or state.

Driving institutes remain on the list of prohibited activities, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when these will be allowed to resume operating. It was reported earlier that the closure of driving schools since June 1 has impacted more than half a million individuals in the country, 80% of which are SPM graduates and youths who need a driving license to enable them to work.

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