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Electric car sales surging in Australia

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Sales of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles surged in Australia over the first half of 2021. Their combined market share about doubled compared with last year’s tally.

7248 electric vehicles (EV) were sold in Australia between January and June, according to the latest Electric Vehicle Council market report, in addition to 1440 plug-in hybrids (PHEV).

This combined 8688 sales equalled 1.57 per cent market share, up from 0.78 per cent share in 2020. Strip out light commercials and it’s 2.0 per cent. More EVs were sold in the first half of 2021 than all of 2020.

Data from the EV Council combines VFACTS figures provided by the car industry, and a best estimate of market leader Tesla’s sales based on multiple industry sources. Tesla chooses not to release factory sales data where it is not mandated.

Electric vehicle sales in Australia

Year BEV sales PHEV sales Market share
2011 49 0 0%
2012 173 80 0.02%
2013 191 102 0.02%
2014 371 951 0.12%
2015 759 1012 0.15%
2016 668 701 0.12%
2017 1208 1076 0.19%
2018 1053 1163 0.21%
2019 5292 1426 0.65%
2020 5215 1685 0.78%
(YTD June)
7248 1440 1.57%

For our recent breakdown by model: Australia’s best-selling electric cars revealed.

In short, VFACTS reported 2217 EV sales to June led by the MG ZS EV, meaning the Tesla Model 3 accounted for about 5000 sales.

Despite this sales and market share growth, Australia still trails much of the globe in EV penetration. The EV Council report naturally pushes for more to be done to grow the market.

“At a federal level, we are continuing to see a lack of leadership and action on electric vehicles. After promising a national strategy two years ago, the Federal Government has failed to deliver,” it said.

“We need to see more electric vehicle models in Australia, particularly at lower price points. To get more models, we need the right policy settings so we can compete with other countries to attract the globally limited electric vehicle supply to Australia.”

At present by our calculations there are 13 manufacturers now selling 23 different battery electric vehicles in Australia. This is alongside 12 manufacturers selling 22 PHEV nameplates.

By contrast there are a claimed 130 models to opt for in the UK, where EVs have 8.2 per cent market share and PHEVs a further 6.6 per cent.

The EV Council’s position largely reflects that of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (the peak body for Australia’s car brands), which has previously called for cohesive national policies.

At present the cost of EVs varies quite a bit depending on where you live, with some States and Territories offering subsidies and tax relief and others not.

“The NSW Government incentive program is significant and comparable with leading jurisdictions overseas, and we are optimistic about the effect it will have on electric vehicle availability and sales,” wrote EV Council CEO Behyad Jafari.

“These positive measures and those taken by other state and territory governments provide confidence to private sector investors, allowing for the introduction of greater choice for Australian consumers, more places to charge and better services that support e-mobility.

“However, Australia still has serious challenges when it comes to electric vehicle market share, policies, and consumer choice.

“At a federal level, we are continuing to see a lack of leadership and action on electric vehicles. After promising a national strategy two years ago, the Federal Government has failed to deliver.

“We have also seen how state governments can put in place policies that actively worsen the playing field for electric vehicles.”

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