Things you didn’t know about Chris Atkinson


Wondering what’s been happening with ex-World Rally Championship driver and CarExpert performance tester, Chris Atkinson?

Atko sat down with Greg Rust on the Rusty’s Garage podcast to talk about his time in the World Rally Championship, and what he’s up to at the moment.

Subaru fans, keep an ear out for Atko’s story about the contract offer he received to pair up with Sebastian Loeb at Citroen. In an alternate universe, our WRX-loving driver could’ve been piloting a Citroen C4.

As for how to be fast on a rally stage? According to Chris, if you “don’t have a moment in the first kilometre you’re not going fast enough”.

We’ll leave that to the professionals…

Check out Part 1 here:

And Part 2 here:

To check out our Performance Reviews with Atko behind the wheel, have a look at our linked lap time leaderboard.


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