EV chargers to be mandated for new homes in England


The British government is set to introduce legislation that will require all newly built homes in England to be installed with electric vehicle chargers, according to Electrek, making it the first country in the world to impose the requirement.

These are to be “smart” charging devices which can automatically charge electric vehicles during off-peak periods, it said, while adding that office complexes will be required to have one charging outlet for every five parking spaces.

The mandate for EV chargers in homes and offices is expected to take effect in 2022, Electrek wrote. This is part of England’s efforts towards rapidly increasing the number of available EV chargers across the country, ahead of the UK’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles set to take effect in 2030.

“Flexible charging at home and at the workplace during the day is going to be crucial to decarbonising not just transport, but [also] the UK’s entire energy system,” Good Energy CEO Nigel Pocklington told website Business Green.

The UK government also announced a UK Space Agency-funded mobile app named EV8 Switch, which works to calculate the amount of money UK motorists could save by switching to an electric vehicle compared to their current petrol- or diesel-powered vehicle, in addition to details on CO2 emissions reduction and air quality improvements that could be made by doing so.

The mobile app also shows drivers their distance to the nearest charging points, and which journeys can be taken without needing to recharge along the way. The UK government will also be extending its 50 million pound sterling (RM287 million) fund for the installation of EV charging points, and said that one in seven cars in the UK market this year are sold “having a plug”, which is to say are either plug-in hybrids or pure EVs.

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