Chery QQ Ice Cream official images revealed – 27 PS city car competes against Wuling Hongguang Mini EV


These are the first official images of the new Chery QQ Ice Cream, which is a mini electric vehicle that is set to compete against the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV that went on sale last July. According to CarNewsChina, the Ice Cream is expected to be priced from 30,000 yuan (RM19,375), making it slightly costlier than its rival that starts at 28,800 yuan (RM18,600).

The new model sits in Chery’s QQ line-up of city cars and is the first to appear in the Chinese carmaker’s iCar Ecology sub-division. If you think it’s a small car, you’re 100% right. Official documents sighted previously indicate the Ice Cream measures just 2,980 mm long, 1,496 mm wide and 1,637 mm tall, but with a wheelbase that spans 1,960 mm. All in, the car will weigh between 699 and 743 kg, depending on the trim level.

Despite the small footprint, the Ice Cream can accommodate four passengers inside, and to ensure there’s enough space, the overall design is completely boxy. This isn’t unlike Wuling’s offering, but Chery did make the effort to give its creation a more unique and upmarket look.

At the front, the headlamps feature a U-shaped daytime running light signature, while the lower intake in the apron blends into wide-width trim piece in black with circular sections (likely for fog lamps).

Down the sides, distinct creases can be seen on the fenders and doors, accompanied by a raised window line near the rearmost pillars. To inject a bit of fun into the design, there’s also a two-tone paint scheme, with a black upper paired with no less than seven primary body colours. If you’re curious about the wheels, they are 12-inch units wrapped with 145/70 tyres.

At the rear, the taillights emulate the look of the headlamps and are linked by a textured trim piece with the Chery badge. Further downwards, the two circles are for the reflector and rear fog lamp, both fitted to a flat rump of a bumper.

We don’t have official shots of the interior just yet, but based on images of a customised version of the Ice Cream (called the Tao Huanxi) from this year’s Chengdu Auto Show posted by China’s iNews, the Ice Cream’s interior is apparently more stylish than the Hongguang Mini EV.

Highlights include a dual-layer flat dash with a digital instrument cluster and free-standing touchscreen infotainment system, a two-spoke, multi-function steering wheel and premium-looking materials. Of course, we’ll have to wait till we see more of the production version to find out what regular customers will get.

What is confirmed is the electric powertrain, which is made up of a “TZ160XFDM13A” rear electric motor that provides 27.2 PS (26.8 hp hp or 20 kW) and 85 Nm of torque, good for a top speed of 100 km/h. The e-motor draws power from a lithium iron phosphate battery that provides between 120 or 170 km of range. By comparison, the Wuling model has 17.6 PS (17.4 hp or 13 kW) and 85 Nm, with a range also up to 170 km.

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