Malaysian cyclists, drafting is dangerous, Episode 2


After the video of two Malaysian cyclists shown drafting behind heavy vehicle earlier this week, here’s another video from Facebook user Abu Amar Darus. This time it’s a lone cyclist on a highway, taking advantage of the slipstream behind a multi-axle low loader carrying a heavy load.

The video is taken from the vehicle following behind, another lorry and while no speed was posted, from the traffic passing on the right, something in the order of between 30 to 50 km/h seems plausible. The person taking the video comments that the cyclist is “a strange one, he’s the only one doing this.”

More pointedly, a comment is made that if the vehicle brakes suddenly, the cyclist will be on his behind while also mentioning that a piece of road debris had missed the cyclist and he ignored it. “Jauh mana dia nak kayuh? Tak letih ke dia? (How far is he going to cycle? Is he not tired?),” is the final comment before the video ends.

While cyclists have the right to use the road where permitted, doing so in a dangerous and foolish manner is an inconvenience to everyone, not least other road users. Such behaviour on public roads tends to result in the cyclist becoming road jam which tends to spoil everyone’s day.

Please remember, every road user is responsible for their own safety, which includes proper driving and riding behaviour while obeying road rules, whether the vehicle is powered by an engine, or legs.

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