Zeekr Power EV charging sub-brand debuts in China – charging at up to 360 kW; available in 50 cities in 2022


Zeekr announced the debut of its EV charging sub-brand, Zeekr Power at the 2021 Chengdu Motor Show, which is aimed at forming a new network of large charging stations with multiple functions.

The Zeekr Power electric vehicle charging stations will support a maximum charging rate of 360 kW, and the charging network will be comprised of more than just physical hardware and locations; smart functions will be built into the Zeekr Power ecosystem, such as app-based one-click charging, prior appointment bookings of charging services through in-car devices, Bluetooth-enabled remote control and plug-and-play functions.

Functions that will be introduced this year include route planning and navigation functions, which will offer to users information such as routes with the shortest distance, highest speeds, or lowest energy consumption. The Zeekr Power charging map will also offer users recommendations for the charging station with the best-matching attributes, such as distance and charging speed, to those of the vehicle, such as battery range and battery life.

In addition to its upcoming network of charging stations, Zeekr Power will also launch this month a mobile charging service aimed at contingencies. This will include the dispatching of mobile charging services for vehicles, as well as offer door-to-door charging services.

These are expected to become available in 30 cities in China by the end of this year, and grow to 50 cities in 2022. These will include one-to-one charging services provided by charging “butlers”, who will have been selected and trained for various aspects of vehicle charging, said Zeekr.

Zeekr will also gradually introduce more value-added services at its charging facilities, including rest areas and other facilities such as vehicle parking services. Customers will also have the aid of customer service staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the use of the charging facilities, the company added.

The Zeekr 001 is currently the sole vehicle in the brand’s range, and this is a shooting brake-shaped EV offering 544 PS and 768 Nm of torque in dual-motor guise. Two battery packs are available, at 86 kWh and 10 kWh respectively, the larger pack offering 606 km of range for the dual-motor variant and 712 km for the RWD single-motor version.

In single-motor, RWD guise with 272 PS and 384 Nm of torque, the 001 does 0-100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, while the dual-motor version with double the outputs manages the sprint in 3.8 seconds. At the aforementioned 360 kW rate of charge offered by the charging points in the Zeekr Power network, the Zeekr 001 can gain 120 km of battery range in just five minutes, according to the company.

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