Tesla posts delivery record


Tesla says it delivered 241,300 new electric cars to buyers in the third-quarter of 2021, a new high watermark.

The latest results were higher than the company’s previous record of 201,250 vehicles in the second quarter of this year.

In a short investor statement Tesla also announced production over the period totalling 237,823 cars across its factories.

It puts Tesla’s haul in stark contrast to carmakers around the globe whose outputs have been curtailed by myriad issues in the supply chain.

About 96 per cent of total deliveries were the Model 3 and Model Y, very much the brand’s focus as opposed to the Model S/X pair.

The company noted the global headwinds it had to grapple with, including the catastrophic semiconductor crunch and COVID shutdowns among suppliers.

“Our delivery count should be viewed as slightly conservative, as we only count a car as delivered if it is transferred to the customer and all paperwork is correct,” it told shareholders.

“We would like to thank our customers for their patience as we work through global supply chain and logistics challenges.”

Tesla currently makes the Model S, X, 3 and Y at its factory in California, and the Model 3 and Y at its plant in Shanghai (including Australia’s). New plants are close to completion in Texas and Berlin.

Tesla said its net income and cash flow results would be announced along with the rest of its financial performance shortly.


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