VFACTS in brief: Australian new car sales up 21 per cent


On the third working day of each month, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries releases VFACTS new car sales data for all of Australia.

It takes time to wade through it all and complete our full breakdown and summary. While we’re preparing this, here’s an early synopsis.

Full story coming soon…

  • Total September sales: 83,312, up 20.8%
  • Year-to-date sales: 816,410, up 26.6%
  • Market share by type: SUV (49%), light commercial (24%), passenger (22.2%), heavy commercial trucks (4.7%)
  • EVs excluding Tesla which doesn’t share data: 466, up 189.4%
  • Sales by fuel: petrol (44,872), diesel (26,800), hybrid (6959), PHEV (301)
  • Five biggest-growing mainstream brands for month: Peugeot, GWM, SsangYong, Isuzu Ute, MG

Victoria recorded an increase of 96.2 per cent on vehicles sold during September 2020. The Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia all recorded positive growth greater than 16 per cent.

FCAI chief executive Tony Weber said the global microprocessor shortage, compounded by local COVID-19 restrictions, was continuing to impact sales across Australia.

“To see an increase of 21 percent on 2020 figures is definitely encouraging news. For many manufacturers it is bittersweet with the knowledge of what could have been achieved in a normal trading environment,” Mr Weber said.

“These are challenging times, but automotive manufacturers are rising to meet them. Brands are working across their supply chains to deal with microprocessor issues and consumers are embracing online purchasing through click and collect delivery options.

“In many respects these figures give the industry great encouragement and excitement for what will be possible in 2022 when lockdowns will hopefully be a thing of the past.”

Top 10 brands September 2021

Brand Sales Variance % +/-
Toyota 20,216 +56.3%
Mazda 6555 -6.4%
Ford 5759 +19.6%
Hyundai 5457 +3.5%
Kia 5155 +1.2%
Mitsubishi 4605 +10.2%
Volkswagen 3791 +8.5%
Isuzu Ute 3130 +102.5%
Subaru 3062 +44.4%
MG 3010 +93.7%

Top 10 models September 2021

Model Sales Variance % +/-
Ford Ranger 4192 +12.5%
Toyota HiLux 3635 +0.7%
Toyota Corolla 3487 +138.5%
Toyota RAV4 3390 +39.3%
Toyota Prado 2173 +165.0%
Hyundai 30 2034 +13.9%
Isuzu D-Max 1833 +64.0%
Toyota Camry 1610 +35.1%
Toyota LandCruiser 1541 -3.6%
Mitsubishi ASX 1489 +58.4%

Full story coming soon…


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