Nissan Pathfinder hybrid recalled


Nissan Australia has recalled the 2014-2020 Pathfinder hybrid to fix a problem with the Hybrid Powertrain Control Module.

“Due to improper programming of the Hybrid Powertrain Control Module (HPCM) the engine may stall resulting in a loss of motive power accompanied by a warning light on the instrument panel,” the recall notice says.

“A loss of motive power while driving could increase the risk of an accident and injury to a vehicle occupant or other road users. In the event of a serious accident this may result in death.”

  • A total of 937 cars are included in the recall
  • A VIN list of affected vehicles is attached here
  • The original recall notice is attached here

Nissan Australia will contact owners of the affected vehicles and advise them to organise a free fix when a software update is made available.

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