UMW Toyota Motor launches GR parts and accessories for GR Yaris, Vios GR-S, Vios and Yaris in Malaysia


UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has launched a range of Gazoo Racing (GR) parts and accessories for the GR Yaris, Vios GR-S, Vios and Yaris in Malaysia, which are available at five GR Garages and 39 GR outlets (Toyota dealerships competing in the Vios Challenge one-make race series).

It should be noted that the five styling upgrades (listed below) for the GR Yaris are only available at GR Garages nationwide: Fokus Tetap (Shah Alam, Selangor), PCM Klang Motor (Klang, Selangor), Wing Hin Auto (Balakong, Selangor), Telagamas (Kulim, Kedah) and Mutiara Motorsports (Masai, Johor).

Meanwhile, all other parts can be obtained from GR outlets in the country, although the GR push start switch button, GR emblem, GR floor mats are not available for the Vios GR-S as they already come as standard. All GR parts and accessories come with a one-year warranty and you can find out more details at Toyota Malaysia’s official website.

The full list of 22 GR parts offered is as follows:

“Gazoo Racing is a name that has gained tremendous traction in the domestic market since we first introduced the brand here in 2017,” said Akio Takeyama, Gazoo Racing Malaysia’s chief motorsports officer.

“The brand represents Toyota’s motor racing activities worldwide, and this has translated into a great number of initiatives locally that include the organizing of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival, the Vios Challenge one-make race, the Gazoo Racing Velocity Esports Championship, the launch of exclusive GR vehicles, the roll-out of the Vios GR-S in Malaysia and establishing the Gazoo Racing Young Talent Development programme for young racing drivers,” he added.

“The availability and sale of GR parts and accessories is a further extension of these initiatives as Toyota steps up its efforts to gain a bigger foothold in Malaysian motorsports. GR is as much about performance as it is about styling, safety and lifestyle, and this is reflected throughout the introductory list of parts we are making available today,” he continued further.

“While GR models are a pedigree of its own, the GR brand is not confined to only outright performance. The brand also conveys driving enjoyment and excitement, and this is precisely what customers can look forward to with the availability of these parts and accessories,” commented Ravindran Kurusamy, president of UMWT.

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