Mazda BT-50 ute becomes the company’s top-seller


Mazda Australia is better known for its top-selling SUVs and passenger cars, but its real MVP last month and for much of this year has been the BT-50 ute.

With a combined 1187 sales in October between the 4×2 and 4×4, the latest (Isuzu-based) BT-50 was Mazda Australia’s top-seller overall for the month – the second in succession.

As with most manufacturers Mazda’s deliveries took a dive in October (year-on-year) because of stock shortfalls in the semiconductor supply chain, and COVID factors – in short, demand is there but supply simply isn’t.

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We’re hearing from dealers the BT-50’s supply versus demand ratio isn’t as bad as many other vehicles.

Meanwhile, year-to-date the BT-50’s 13,545 sales make it the company’s number-two vehicle behind the CX-5 medium SUV and now ahead of the Mazda 3 small car – which was Australia’s number-one vehicle overall just a few years ago.

Mazda remains number two overall in the market with 88,746 sales year-to-date, behind only Toyota.

This 13,545 annual sales comprises 11,153 4x4s (equal to 6.9 per cent market share) and 2392 4x2s (9.0 per cent share).

That said, the Mazda is not yet doing the sort of volume Isuzu Ute is with the D-Max, which is the same vehicle as the BT-50 (Isuzu makes both). With 21,700 sales YTD the D-Max is ensconced as the market’s number-three ute behind the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger.

Hat tip to CarExpert commenter Harry Mayweather, who flagged this in the comments.

Mazda Australia sales 2021 YTD

Model Sales Change
Mazda CX-5 22,030 Up 25.8%
Mazda BT-50 13,545 Up 72.5%
Mazda 3 12,566 Up 6%
Mazda CX-3 11,640 Up 5.3%
Mazda CX-30 11,329 Up 63.5%
Mazda CX-9 5696 Up 5%
Mazda CX-8 5300 Up 96.4%
Mazda 2 3839 Up 31.5%
Mazda 6 1293 -8.8%
Mazda MX-30 887
Mazda MX-5 621 Up 65.2%
Total 88,746 30.4%

Ute sales YTD

4×4 Ute Sales Change
Ford Ranger 38,291 26.9%
Toyota HiLux 34,238 29.4%
Isuzu Ute D-Max 16,266 119.5%
Mitsubishi Triton 14,458 11.4%
Mazda BT-50 11,153 95.1%
Toyota LandCruiser 10,149 30.6%
Nissan Navara 10,026 28.0%
Volkswagen Amarok 6901 19.9%
GWM Ute 5693
LDV T60 5648 46.2%
RAM 1500 3103 10.4%
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 1721
Ssangyong Musso 1613 116.5%
Jeep Gladiator 1017 162.1%
4×2 Ute Sales Change
Toyota HiLux 10,514 29.7%
Isuzu Ute D-Max 5434 72.7%
Ford Ranger 3395 50.0%
Mazda BT-50 2392 12.0%
Mitsubishi Triton 2285 11.4%
Nissan Navara 1741 16.2%
GWM Steed 693 -31.4%

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