Malaysia’s TuneBoss launches ShiftBoss 2.0, RM250


Taking two years of development, Malaysia’s home grown motorcycle performance manufacturer TuneBoss has released the TuneBoss 2.0 quickshifter, priced at RM250. Designed to be combined with the TuneBoss ECU, ShiftBoss 2.0 is more affordable than a typical motorcycle quickshifter system using a load cell.

Made more reliable than its predecessor, ShiftBoss 2.0 also caters for several different motorcycle models that are fitted with the TuneBoss ECU from the Yamaha FZ150i and Y150ZR previously. Currently, the TuneBoss ECU can be installed in the Yamaha R25, R15, MT-15, Y16ZR as well as the Honda RS150R, giving faster gear shifting

Installation of ShiftBoss 2.0 must be combined with a Stage 1 TuneBoss ECU at a minimum, priced at RM399 for the ECU module in a Yamaha MT-15. With a combined purchase price of RM649, including installation which can only be done at one of 49 authorised TuneBoss dealers in Malaysia, TuneBoss riders are ready for track riding with performance mapping for stock engines given free.

“As of today, there are more than 30,000 users of the TuneBoss ECU globally since it was launched seven years ago in October 2014. With the new ShiftBoss 2.0, we are happy to say that more customers will be able to enjoy this technology that was previously mainly available on high performance bikes,” said FSR Technology chief executive officer Farhan Ali.

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