Eclimo ES-11 electric scooter launched in Malaysia, available for purchase or subscription, from RM10k


Now in Malaysia is the Eclimo ES-11 electric scooter (e-scooter), designed for use as a personal mobility vehicle and to serve businesses that require point-to-point delivery in urban areas. The ES-11 is available either as an outright purchase, with pricing starting from RM10,501 for the Basic model, or via subscription with a RM600 monthly plan.

For purchase of the ES-11 e-scooter, there are four models available. The ES-11 Basic is priced at RM10,501 and the ES-11 Pro goes for RM14,500 while the commercial duty ES-11 Delivery and ES-11 Utility retail at RM14,500 and RM14,700, respectively.

Adding options to the Pro and Utility bumps pricing to RM15,900 and RM24,500 with the addition of FRP containers and special colours and detailing to suit commercial brands. The added premium for the ES-11 Pro also includes the Eclimo Power System, otherwise a RM5,700 option.

Opting for the subscription model for the ES-11, the plan is not available for the ES-11 Basic. The plans works with an initial payment of RM1,800 for the ES-11 Pro and Delivery while the ES-11 Utility requires a RM11,730 payment, as well as a RM1,200 security deposit.

Thereafter, a RM600 monthly subscription fee is payable, with the first month’s subscription paid in advance. For the ES-11 Pro, should the monthly mileage fall below 1,000 km, the subscription due will only be RM450.

Available in seven colours, the ES-11 follows conventional e-scooter design, with batteries located in the floorboard and a tubular steel frame. Power comes from a hub-mounted motor in the rear wheel, rated at 6 kW max and 5 kW continuous power, good enough for 110 Nm of torque and a 100 km/h top speed.

The lithium-ion battery pack on the ES-11 is rated at 3.08 Wh and is good for 1,000 recharge cycles using 240 volt domestic current. A full charge will drive the ES-11 to a range of 100 km with weight claimed to be 155 kg. Rolling on 13-inch wheels the ES-11 uses hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.

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