Proton leads Malaysian exports – 3,018 units in 2021, over 100% increase; continued growth expected


Proton saw significant growth in export volume through 2021 with the export of 3,018 units representing a growth of over 100%, leading to the national carmaker becoming the top-performing automotive brand in terms of exports last year, it said in a statement.

In terms of overall sales, the national carmaker’s best-selling model, the Saga accounted for 42,627 units out of the 114,708 cars overall sold through 2021, and the A-segment sedan continues to gain volume in export markets, according to Proton.

At the end of last year, Proton aimed to grow its export market with multiple market introductions. The X50 was made available for booking in Brunei from November 2020, following the resumption of exports of the Saga and Exora to Egypt as well as the CKD export of the Saga to Kenya.

“We are proud of being the brand with the highest export volume in 2021 as it proves we are gaining traction overseas thanks to the joint efforts of our international sales division and our foreign partners. While increasing shipping costs are a growing concern, our planned activities in 2022 mean we expect export sales growth to accelerate in the coming years,” said Proton Edar CEO Roslan Abdullah.

In overview, 2021 continued to be tough for the automotive industry at large, and this has been reflected in the reduction in TIV compared to the year before, said Roslan. Several challenges arose, from the global chip shortage, spikes in Covid-19 infections leading to repeated lockdowns as well as increased transportation costs.

With those factors in mind, Proton’s sales growth in a year of a contracted market is significant, Roslan added, attributing the carmaker’s achievement to careful planning and the juggling of available resources.

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