AMG number plate series open for bidding on Jan 16


Here’s a regular number plate series that’s rather special. Make that extra special if you’re an owner of a Mercedes-AMG vehicle, or a prospect aiming for one.

Perak’s latest running number series is ‘AMG’, and it will be open for tender on January 16. The bidding period on JPJeBid is five days, ending 10pm on January 20. As usual, the results will be out the following day, January 21. The whole process is online now, as it has been for some time, and bidders will get the good (or bad) news via email.

Besides the usual ‘VIP’ single digit numbers, auspicious numbers laden with ‘8’ and quirks like ‘8055’, the Mercedes-AMG connection is sure to make numbers such as ’63’ and ’45’ very popular.

Mercedes has also been rolling out entry performance AMG models with ’35’ (A-Class, A-Class Sedan, GLB) and ’43’ badging (C-Class, C-Class Coupe, GLC) so those two numbers will be hot as well. Oh, and there’s ’53’ for the CLS and GLE Coupe, too. It’s a rare chance to be able to match a car’s model with its number plate, so good luck.

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