1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse from 2001’s The Fast and the Furious is going up for auction – RM522k estimated


Before Brian O’Conner (portrayed by the late Paul Walker) drove the legendary orange A80 Toyota Supra in The Fast and the Furious, his first love was a green Mitsubishi Eclipse that he packed with NOS to try and beat Dominic Toretto’s Mazda RX-7, a Honda Civic and an Acura Integra (Nooo! Monica!) in a drag race.

The Eclipse didn’t stay around for very long in the 2001 movie, it’s still one of the more recognisable cars in the series, and one of the movie cars used during the film’s production is now being put up for sale by Mecum Auctions.

This 1996 Eclipse is buck car #35 and is one of six commissioned, complete with documentation from Cinema Vehicle Services verifying that it was indeed used in the filming of the movie. According to Mecum Auctions’ listing, the car is estimated to fetch between USD75,000 and USD125,000 (around RM313,388 and RM522,313) at auction, which is quite a bit of money but still nowhere near what Barrett-Jackson sold a Supra for last June.

The list of modifications includes a Robocar body kit, a large APR Performance rear wing, a non-functional roof scoop, a carbon fibre-look bonnet and interior appointments, various decals and graphics, seven-spoke alloy wheels with Toyo Proxes tyres, custom side mirrors, Sparco seats, a racing steering wheel and a Jensen CD stereo system.

Sadly, there are no NOS bottles behind the rear seats and the car is equipped with an automatic transmission, as opposed to another movie car used that had a manual. The 2.0 litre DOHC four-cylinder engine is also untouched, as you can tell by the stock-looking engine bay. You’ll still get the infamous diamond-plate floor pans though, which are central to the well-known (and hilarious) “danger to manifold” scene.

While some of this car’s details do not fully match up to what we see in the movie, collectors will likely overlook them in the pursuit of owning an iconic movie car. We’ll only find out if this Eclipse manages to hit (or even exceed) its price estimates when it goes to auction this weekend.

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