Lexus Electrified SUV – more photos of EV SUV shown


Last December, Lexus and Toyota gave the world a glimpse into its electrified future with numerous prototypes covering a range of vehicle segments. In the Lexus camp, the carmaker has already given us a pretty good look at the RZ, which is its first dedicated electric vehicle that will be revealed in the first half of 2022 – badged as the RZ 450e.

Six other prototypes were presented alongside the RZ at the time, including two wagons, two sports cars, a convertible and a large SUV. The last vehicle mentioned is currently called the Lexus Electrified SUV and is the focus today, as the carmaker has released more photos of it recently.

The Electrified SUV previews an upcoming EV SUV that will likely be positioned above the RZ with three-row seating, considering it looks like a relatively larger vehicle. Like the RZ, the design will be tweaked before it enters production, but at first glance, it certainly cuts a hulking form.

Familiar highlights include Lexus’ new-age spindle grille that was first previewed by the LF-Z Electrified concept, which is flanked by stacked LED light bars that make up part of the headlamps, along with some perforated bodywork.

The cover grille leads into a lower apron that sports a faux skid plate, while the sides feature retracting door handles, ultra-slim side cameras, bold wheel arches and character lines, a two-tone paintjob, distinct door mouldings and wheels that don’t look overly exaggerated.

These cues were already seen before, but the new photos from Lexus provide a profile a rear three-quarter view of the Electrified SUV. From these angles, we can better see the upper window trim that ends prematurely along the C-pillars to provide a “floating roof” look.

This is accompanied by taillights that extend from the full-width light bar into the bodywork, under the rearmost side windows. The rear is striking as well, with sections of the bumper carved on the sides to form “channels” leading up to the taillights. Elsewhere, the tailgate is pinched in the middle but continues downwards closer to the rear bumper that also has its own skid plate element.

Lexus hasn’t mentioned when we will get to see the production version of the Electrified SUV, but the company plans to offer a comprehensive EV line-up in North America, Europe and China by 2030, before reaching out to other markets worldwide by 2035.

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