PDRM has issued 48 saman on scenic Jalan Temiang-Pantai, warns against parking on emergency lane


Jalan Temiang-Pantai – pic by @waihoe007

The most trending stretch of road in Malaysia now is Jalan Temiang-Pantai in Negeri Sembilan, which has gone viral for resembling New Zealand, according to some. New Zealand or not, it’s very scenic, and in an age where social media is life, everyone wants a pic of the action. This has led to people parking on the emergency lane and gathering there – needless to say, this is dangerous.

Illegal too. The police has issued 48 summonses to motorists at Jalan Temiang-Pantai so far, and the main offence is parking on the emergency lane for gatherings and picture taking.

“There’s no problem in taking pictures, but don’t park your car on the emergency lane and disrupt traffic and bring danger to others,” said Negeri Sembilan police chief Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop, who added that so far, there hasn’t been any accidents in the area. He was speaking to reporters at the state’s IPK in Seremban yesterday, reported by Sinar Harian.

The cop also said that while there’s no restrictions on activities such as cycling and jogging on the stretch as long as it doesn’t obstruct traffic and pose danger to anyone. He added that PDRM and related agencies will monitor and perform advocacy from time to time at Jalan Temiang-Pantai, which is a federal route.

A car club went viral recently when its members parked on the emergency lanes of both sides of the stretch for a photo op. By all means, do it for the gram, but be considerate to other motorists and don’t park on the emergency lane and make it a picnic spot. Drive safe.

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