Harley-Davidson to launch LiveWire S2 Del Mar e-bike


Following the spin-off of its electric motorcycle (e-bike) into the LiveWire brand, Harley-Davidson (H-D) will launch another model in the range by the second quarter of 2022. Dubbed the S2 Del Mar, the new Livewire e-bike will slot in below the LiveWire One and will be priced accordingly.

The S2 Del Mar is based on LiveWire’s Arrow platform, designed to be lighter and cheaper to manufacture than the LiveWire One’s more traditional design of frame cradling an electric motor. With a battery pack designed in-house by H-D engineers, the S2 Del Mar uses 21700-format cylindrical Li-ion battery cells, giving a greater energy density for a little more weight.

The battery pack is used as a stressed member, eliminating the need for a separate frame. Substituting for the Revelation electric motor used in the one with its drip system, the S2 Del Mar will come with a direct drive system.

With the introduction of the S2 Del Mar alongside the One, H-D intends to move strongly into the e-bike market. This includes an ambitious plan to sell 100,000 e-bikes by 2026, it was reported in an investor prospectus.

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