Lexus EV takes new approach to heating

Lexus EV takes new approach to heating

The Lexus RZ electric crossover due in Australia in mid-2023 will use power-saving radiant heating, through two panels near the front occupants.

Compared to traditional convection heating, which warms air around it, the radiant system’s infrared panels are more targeted and warm the driver and front passenger’s legs directly.

The radiant panels sit near the lower instrument and steering-column sections.

Compared to a standard climate control system, energy consumption is reduced by around 8.0 per cent, improving winter driving range. The system is also quicker to warm up.

According to Lexus, the front seat occupants experience a comforting sensation, “like having a warm blanket wrapped around their legs”.

The panels automatically reduce heat to 43-degrees if you come into contact with them.

The radiant heaters supplement regular climate control functions and come in addition to seat and steering wheel heaters.

The various heaters are integrated into the onboard Lexus Climate Concierge screen menu.

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