We support and manage activities related to realization of high quality projects and initiatives in the socio-economic field.

Partner in project “Social Farming Social Impact”

CARPortal participates in project “Social Farming Social Impact” № 2016-1-UK01-KA204-024621 funded by Erasmus+ Program, KA 2: Strategic Partnerships. The project is coordinated by Growing Rural Enteprise - UK and it is in partnership with organizations from Austria, Spain and Italy. The aim of the project is to share good practice and gather evidence of social impact of Social Farming with different client groups.

The impact of the project would be to improve accessibility and create flexible pathways to social farming in each country by sharing the results of the project in the following ways:
- A website with a page about each partner and their role in the project, their association with social farming and some case studies. - A Facebook page which shares ideas and innovation - A Booklet (also available on line) containing approximately 20 case studies highlighting the ways that the above problems are tackled through a wide range of social farming projects and a summary about maximising social impact and ideas of how it can be measured. - A multiplier event in the form of an international conference in UK in July 2018 to end the project and share innovative practices observed.

In Green Shape Project

Participation in Project „IN GREEN SHAPE - Tourist healthy and sustainable itineraries”, 2013 – 2015, Program Lifelong Learning, Grundtvig. Project partners are European organizations from Italy, Austria, UK, Lithuania and Bulgaria. The aim of the project is to improve the skills for employment and career development of people living in rural areas through the creation of tourist itineraries.

CAR Portal team took part in:
- Development of methodology in relation to dissemination activities and results with focus on involvement of citizens from isolated rural areas and rural citizens in poverty
- Improvement of the skills of local citizens from rural areas in offering tourist products and popularization of the sustainable living among citizens from cities
- Discussion and preparation of tourist itineraries
- Participation in workshop
- Social media content and communication

Idealoader project

Partner in the establishment of Idealoader , 2011-2014 - a platform, which aims to create a link between educational institutions and business by offering services which bring together business, talent, and education for overall improvement of the community. The platform functions based on the concept of crowdfunding - actities and services for youths to share their ideas for business or social initiative and gain financial support from the community. The goal is as much as possible people to like the idea and provide financial resources for the realization of the idea.

CAR Portal participated in the:
- conduction of a research among various economic agents and identified problematic fields to be address such as: low level of education, long term unemployed, lack of skills and qualifications, low entrepreneruship skills
- cooperation with start up accecelators with the aim to support youths in entrepreneurship (technologies, art, science, culture, agriculture)
- presentation of the platform infront of international companies and universities
- functionality and strategic development of idealoader

Career development and personal branding with Lillie Georgieva

Lillie Georgieva Brand – consultations, training and author materials for career development and personal branding.

CAR Portal cooperated in:
- Offering of consultations for career development
- Consultations for acquisitions of entrepreneurial skills, mostly among women.