Land Rover Defender 130 seat issue to be fixed pre-delivery

Land Rover Defender 130 seat issue to be fixed pre-delivery

Land Rover has recalled a car that’s not yet on sale in Australia.

A total of eight Defender 130 units have been recalled to fix a problem with the seat backrest. Two of those cars are destined for Land Rover head office, with the remainder headed for customers.

The problem will be fixed before the cars are handed over.

“Due to a manufacturing issue, the seat backrest locking mechanisms in the third row may not meet specifications and may fail. In the event of an accident or hard braking the rear seat backrest could collapse towards the passengers,” the brand says in its recall notice.

“If the rear seat backrest collapses towards the passengers unintentionally, it could increase the risk of injury or death to the vehicle occupants.”

  • A total of eight vehicles are included in the recall notice
  • A VIN list of affected vehicles is attached here
  • The original recall notice is attached here

Owners are being advised to contact their nearest dealer to have the problem inspected and fixed, although they won’t actually get their vehicles until the recall has been carried out.

The recall notice says “where a latch does not operate properly, the seat frame and associated components will be replaced, free of charge”.

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