Tyre causes Soul-shaking flip on busy highway

Tyre causes Soul-shaking flip on busy highway

A Tesla driver in Los Angeles caught frightening footage of a tyre coming loose from a Chevrolet Silverado and smashing into a Kia Soul, causing the latter to flip several metres in the air.

As the driver of the Soul entered the Silverado’s blind spot, the left driver’s side wheel of the large ute flew off and landed upright under the Soul.

Traveling at high speeds, the tyre caused the Soul to flip what appears to be several metres in the air.

After the wheel drifted behind the line of sight, it seems to have collided with a second object which caused it to return back into frame.

To add insult to injury, it struck the Soul once again at the rear.

The driver who recorded the video claims the driver of the Kia walked away from the incident unharmed.

It’s unclear why the tyre detached from the Silverado, whether it was due to a loose lug nut or an incorrectly installed aftermarket wheel spacer.


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